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07.08.2019 11:45:26

Active preparations for the International Handicrafters Festival

Andijan’s artisans are actively preparing for the International Handicrafters Festival to be held in Kokand in September this year.

Andijan is the center of handicraft. Shakhrikhan knives, cradles, wooden and pottery, skullcaps made by Andijan craftsmen are famous not only in the country, but also far beyond its borders.

“Craftsmen of our region are actively preparing for a worthy participation in the International Handicrafters Festival. Our representatives will participate in 13 areas of handicraft, demonstrate more than a thousand types of products. The main place at the exhibitions will be taken by musical instruments, knives, calligraphy samples, wood carvings”, says Shakhlo Soliyeva, head of the regional department of Hunarmand Association.

Last year, based on the traditions of “master – apprentice” school, 2 thousand 147 were trained in the region, and more than 600 students over the past period of the current year. They received practical assistance in organizing independent activities, preparing business plans, and obtaining loans.

In Kokand, in the square where the International Handicrafters Festival to be held, a territory is allocated that reflect the sights of the region on which decorations are set. Activities are underway on organizing music and entertainment programs.