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A table made of a 180-year-old plane tree

A table made of a 180-year-old plane tree
Is it possible to create a work of art from the root of a tree? And to make a table from the root of a tree?

Many unique products are presented at the first International Festival of Handicrafters, which takes place in Kokand.

One of them is a table weighing 550 kilograms, made from the plane root. Rollers are installed to facilitate its transport and for ease of rearrangement. Glass on the surface can be removed and can withstand loads up to 180 kilograms. And, the most interesting, 250 LEDs, six amplifiers and two power transmitters were installed on a modern table. If you connect a phone to it and turn on the music, its sounds will cover the whole space. Multi-colored lights are lit when the light is turned on. Participants of the festival cannot pass by this table, as if it fascinates.

The author of this work of art is a wood master Bekhzod Madraimov.

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Sayyora Shoyeva, photo by Mukimjon Kadirov, UzA