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Uzbek pianist player wins international contest

20.08.09 10:40

Aziza Mansurova, fourth-grade student of Tashkent children’s music and art school No.20, won in the 13th international Pro Piano Romania contest held in Bucharest in June.

Nihol award winners announced

17.08.09 12:04

Nihol annual awards in the field of art were presented to their winners on Friday in Tashkent. The solemn awarding ceremony was held at the Istiqlol palace.

Festival of Korean art starts

02.07.09 14:28

The festival of Korean art started in the Turkiston palace in Tashkent. The event has been organized by the Ministry for culture and sports, the Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan”, the embassy of South Korea and the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of this country.

Festival of Korean films starts

20.04.09 19:23

The Cinema festival of South Korea started in Tashkent on 20 April. The event, held within the Korean culture festival, has been organized by the Ministry of culture and sport of Uzbekistan, Fund Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan, Ministry of culture, sport and tourism of South Korea and the South Korean embassy.

Bazar-Art exhibition ends

20.03.09 16:23

The exhibition and fair Bazar-Art 2009 ended at the Tashkent National arts center. The event promotes the national heritage and demonstrates the craftsmen’s creative potential.

Children's fashion festival held

17.03.09 11:01

The festival of children’s fashion Bolajonlar-Shirintoylar 2009 was held in Tashkent. More than 370 samples of new clothes from almost 50 collections were presented at the event.

Children's fashion festival

11.03.09 10:03

Children’s fashion festival “Bolajonlar-shirintoylar 2009” will be held in Tashkent during 12-14 March. The aim of the festival is identification of talented designers and modellers, and introduction of production of their works, created according to local climatic conditions.

Uzbekistan marks 568th birthday of Alisher Navoi

10.02.09 12:44

The scientists, writers, poets, artists, representatives of international organizations and students gathered on 9 February in the National park of Uzbekistan to celebrate the 568th birthday of the famous poet Alisher Navoi. The chairman of the Writer’s union Abdulla Aripov said the study and promotion of the heritage of Alisher Navoi was important in upbringing the youth.

Contest of songs about Motherland held

26.01.09 19:23

The final of the national competition “Qalbimda Vatan madhi” (“The anthem of Motherland in my heart”) took place in the Turkiston palace. In the competition, organized in the framework of the 2200th anniversary of Tashkent, singers aged from 16 to 40 took part.

Poet Ramz Babajan dies

31.12.08 11:38

People’s poet of Uzbekistan, famous dramatist and translator Ramz Babajan died at the age of 87. Ramz Babajan was born in 1921 in Tashkent. He studied at the Language and literature faculty of the Tashkent State Pedagogical University.

Uzbek-British cultural cooperation to expand

01.11.08 12:33

The Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” and the British Council signed a Memorandum of understanding, which envisages expansion of cooperation in education, culture and arts in 2008-2010.

Photo exhibition demonstrates Olympic Games

01.11.08 11:42

International exhibition devoted to the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 is being held in Samarkand. The event, organized by the National Olympic Committee, was a logical continuation of the exhibitions held in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk and Tashkent.

TashkentALE 2008 completes

28.10.08 10:45

International photo biennale TashkentALE 2008 ended in the capital of Uzbekistan. The event was devoted to the 2,200th anniversary of the city and organized by the Fund Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan, the Arts Academy and the Tashkent house of photography.

Exhibitions held within TashkentALE 2008

23.10.08 21:06

Tashkent international photo biennale TashkentALE 2008 is continuing. It has been organized by the Fund “Forum of Culture and Art of Uzbekistan”, Arts Academy and the Tashkent Photography House and is devoted to the 2,200th anniversary of Tashkent. The exhibition titled “With reverence to nature” opened in the Gallery of Fine Arts in the framework of the TashkentALE.

Design and fashion week Style.Uz opens

13.10.08 14:48

The third Week of design and fashion Style.Uz 2008 opened in Tashkent on Sunday. It has been organized by the Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan” and the Tashkent Style House. World-famous designers, owners of popular jewelry and fashion brands, representatives of international organizations and TV channels working in the field of fashion, show business stars, editors of fashion magazines, public figures from various countries are participating in the event.