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President sends present to father and son Utaganovs

11.04.08 21:54

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov sent a present to woodcarvers Yolbars Utaganov and his son Umidillo of Andijan region. The gift was sent in response to Umidillo Utaganov’s wooden table and chair, which he made specially for the President.

Monument to poetess Zulfiya opened in Tashkent

04.03.08 0:28

On 1 March, a monument to famous poetess Zulfiya opened in the center of Tashkent. Heads of state and public organizations, poets and writers, relatives and others participated in the opening. Mayor of Tashkent A.Tukhtayev opened the solemn ceremony. The monument has been raised in accordance with the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan dated 13 September 2007. It was created by sculptor Ravshan Mirtojiyev.

2750th anniversary celebrations of Samarkand held

26.08.07 11:51

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov participated in the celebrations of the 2750th anniversary of the city of Samarkand on Saturday. Officials, representatives of foreign embassies, international organizations, participants of the sixth international music festival Sharq Taronalari, tourists and others participated in the celebrations held at the city’s Registan square.

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