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Success of masters from Uzbekistan

08.09.09 19:29

Rewarding the creative work of Viacheslav Useinov with gold medal at an international exhibition organized on the eve of the XXIX Olympic Games in China, as well as master classes on woodcarving of national master of Uzbekistan Sirozhiddin Rakhmatullaev at the Art Institute of Malaysia clearly demonstrate the importance of ever-strengthening international ties of artists from Uzbekistan.

Sharq Taronalari festival completes

30.08.09 12:15

The seventh international musical festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) completed in Samarkand. Artists from nearly 50 states performed on the stage at Registan square for almost one week.

Sharq Taronalari participants visit Samarkand districts

28.08.09 23:57

The seventh international music festival Sharq Taronalari is continuing in the city of Samarkand. Its participants demonstrate their programs on the Registan square, as well as in the parks of the city’s various districts.

Music festival continues

27.08.09 21:28

The seventh international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) is continuing in the city of Samarkand.

Conference on Oriental music held in Samarkand

27.08.09 18:14

The conference on the role of the Oriental musical culture in the development of the world civilization was held in Samarkand in the framework of the Sharq Taronalari festival.

Sharq Taronalari festival starts

27.08.09 7:46

The seventh international music festival Sharq Taronalari (Oriental Melodies) opened in the city of Samarkand on 26 August.

Again sound of music from East

26.08.09 23:04

The seventh International Music Festival «Shark Taronalari» opened in the ancient and eternally young city of Samarkand on August 26.

Festival of puppets

22.08.09 12:41

Puppet Festival was organized in the park of culture named after Gafur Gulyam in Tashkent.

Uzbek pianist player wins international contest

20.08.09 10:40

Aziza Mansurova, fourth-grade student of Tashkent children’s music and art school No.20, won in the 13th international Pro Piano Romania contest held in Bucharest in June.

Nihol award winners announced

17.08.09 12:04

Nihol annual awards in the field of art were presented to their winners on Friday in Tashkent. The solemn awarding ceremony was held at the Istiqlol palace.

Festival of Korean art starts

02.07.09 14:28

The festival of Korean art started in the Turkiston palace in Tashkent. The event has been organized by the Ministry for culture and sports, the Fund “Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan”, the embassy of South Korea and the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism of this country.

Festival of Korean films starts

20.04.09 19:23

The Cinema festival of South Korea started in Tashkent on 20 April. The event, held within the Korean culture festival, has been organized by the Ministry of culture and sport of Uzbekistan, Fund Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan, Ministry of culture, sport and tourism of South Korea and the South Korean embassy.

Bazar-Art exhibition ends

20.03.09 16:23

The exhibition and fair Bazar-Art 2009 ended at the Tashkent National arts center. The event promotes the national heritage and demonstrates the craftsmen’s creative potential.

Children's fashion festival held

17.03.09 11:01

The festival of children’s fashion Bolajonlar-Shirintoylar 2009 was held in Tashkent. More than 370 samples of new clothes from almost 50 collections were presented at the event.

Children's fashion festival

11.03.09 10:03

Children’s fashion festival “Bolajonlar-shirintoylar 2009” will be held in Tashkent during 12-14 March. The aim of the festival is identification of talented designers and modellers, and introduction of production of their works, created according to local climatic conditions.

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