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Priceless Spiritual Heritage

18.05.12 10:18

The Central Exhibition Hall of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan in connection with the International Day of Museums – May 18 have organized the exhibition on the theme of “Our Heritage. Masters of Arts of Uzbekistan.”

Karakalpakstan Hosts Asrlar Sadosi 2012

05.05.12 17:33

The annual festival of traditional culture Asrlar Sadosi 2012 (Echo of Centuries) started in Ellikqal’a district of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

"Fine Art+5" Creativity Week Completes

26.04.12 16:35

The project organized by the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan and the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” became real holiday of art and beauty for young people, art lovers and international visitors.

Exhibition: Works of Master and Apprentice

20.04.12 18:13

An exhibition of creative works of the famous artist Anatoly Burmakin and Anastasia Nikitina organized by the Fund “Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan” opened at the Tashkent House of Photography.

Days of Turkmen Cinema Starts

20.04.12 17:46

Tashkent hosted the Days of Turkmen Cinema which was organized by O’zbekkino National Agency and the Turkmen Embassy in Uzbekistan in the framework of the cooperation in cultural sphere.

Young Dancers of Namangan

13.04.12 15:24

Ensemble of “Sho’x qizlar” at the Palace of Culture of Namangan city is one of the famous groups of the city.

Barno Becomes Winner of International Competition

11.04.12 11:47

Third year student of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan Ismatullayeva Barno became the winner of the XVIII International Students’ Singing Competition Bella Voce held in Moscow.

Solo exhibition: Kaleidoscope

06.04.12 14:23

The solo exhibition Kaleidoscope by Dilorom Mamedova, the member of Creative Union of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan opened in the Fine Arts Gallery.

Exhibition-Fair Bazar-Art: Spring 2012

30.03.12 20:24

The Centre of National Arts in Tashkent has hosted for the tenth time one of the most favoured and popular with capital residents and guests the exhibition fair of decorative-applied art Bazar-Art. Spring 2012.

Exhibition: "Bazar-Art. Spring – 2012"

28.03.12 13:25

Exhibition fair “Bazar-Art. Spring – 2012” was organized by the Fund Forum and the Association of artists, critics and national masters Ijod at the National Arts Centre.

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