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14.08.2017 17:42

Ways of achieving success

A meeting entitled “Ways of achieving success” has taken place at the youth creativity palace between leading entrepreneurs of this country and young people desiring to engage in entrepreneurial activity. This event was held in the form of open seminar and was attended by graduates of vocational colleges, unorganized youths and young entrepreneurs.

Q.Qurbonboyev, the chairman of the central council of the Uzbekistan youth union and presidential adviser; A.Ikromov, the chairman of the Commerce and Industry Chamber; and A.Saidov, the chairman of a committee of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis (parliament), have said that the protection of young entrepreneurs’ rights and legitimate interests, the development of their business acumen and the broad attraction of young people to the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere are among today’s topical issues.

A Presidential decree dated 5 July 2017 “On measures to increase the effectiveness of the state youth policy and to support the activity of the Uzbekistan youth union” raised to a new level work that needs to be carried out in this sphere.

At the meeting, a memorandum of partnership was signed between the Uzbekistan youth union and the Commerce and Industry Chamber. In line with this memorandum, both sides will be carrying out such tasks as identifying young prospective entrepreneurs, creating broad opportunities for them to start entrepreneurial activity, sending young entrepreneurs to free economic zones and small industrial zones and arranging training seminars and master classes for young people desiring to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Moreover, the task of creating young entrepreneurs’ association was mapped out.

During the event, entrepreneurs who had achieved success in the country conducted master classes. Young people visited a business complex and a residential complex and closely familiarized themselves with entrepreneurs’ work.

Experienced entrepreneurs of this country told young people about ways of achieving success from their life experiences. Specialists gave recommendations on laws on entrepreneurial activity and on such issues as drawing up and implementing business projects and using bank credits.

Answers were given to questions that were of interest to participants in the event.

Nurillo Nasriyev, UzA
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