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14.09.2017 17:04

Walnut plantations are expanding

During the trips to the regions, in order to get a direct acquaintance with the constructive and landscaping activities carried out at places, to conduct a dialogue with people, the President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits people’s homes, emphasizes the need to plant lemons, walnut, pomegranate and other income-generating trees. As a result, planting walnut trees in an area of 30 thousand hectares has started in the mountainous areas of our country.

Resolution of the President of our country on creation and organization of activities of the Association of walnut producers and exporters of June 1, 2017 is an important guide to action in stimulating and further improving the efficiency of using rainfed lands, increasing the volume of walnut harvesting.

– Our team is conducting scientific research aimed at increasing planting and harvesting of nuts, almonds and a number of fruit trees, – says director of Bostanlyk mining scientific experimental station, Karimjon Abdullayev. – Creation of productive trees that are resistant to diseases, relevant to local climate and development of modern high-tech agricultural technology is in the center of constant attention. Over the past few years, more than 30 species of fruit trees corresponding to mountainous regions have been created. We started seeding nuts in order to prepare for the next year.

The mountainous areas of our country are favorable for the cultivation of walnut, almond, pistachio trees. They yield a rich harvest in Samarkand, Navoi, Kashkadarya, Surkhandarya, Tashkent regions and the Fergana valley.

15 selected varieties of walnut obtained by crossing are grown in Bostanlyk mining scientific experimental station. Seedlings of “Uzbekiston tezpishar” and “Ideal” nut varieties were delivered to places in spring of this year. Another 4 thousand seedlings of local varieties have been prepared for planting in autumn.

Walnut and its fruits are useful in any form, leaves and green peel, shell and nut kernel are widely used in medicine. Walnuts rich in iron, phosphorus, copper, fats and proteins improve digestion, give strength, and normalize activity of the nervous system.

Demand for this tasty and useful product is high not only in the domestic, but also in the foreign market. Therefore, special attention in the regions is paid to the expansion of walnut plantations. For example, walnut trees in an area of 5 thousand hectares are being planted on the territory of “Khisor” association of farmers of Yakkabag district in Kashkadarya region. Walnut seedlings are grown on an area of 20 hectares in “Yamin-yashin” farm. To date the walnut groves of the district occupy more than 300 hectares due to the initiative of activists on planting of walnut on personal plots.

People say: “If you plant one walnut, its fruits will be harvested by seven generations”. And this is actually so, because walnut trees live up to 300-400 years. The walnut trees planted today will further increase the abundance of our markets in a few years, increase the export potential of the country.

Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA
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