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Uzbekistan’s FTT decreases

Uzbekistan’s FTT decreases
According to the State Statistics Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in January-August 2020, the foreign trade turnover (FTT) of the country reached 24 537.2 million US dollars, compared to the same period last year, decreased by 3 554.2 million US dollars.

Of the total volume of the FTT, exports amounted to 11 608.4 million US dollars (a decrease of 4.1% was noted against January-August 2019), and imports – 12 928.7 million US dollars (a decrease of 19.1%). As a result, the balance of foreign trade turnover amounted to a passive balance in the amount of 1 320.3 million US dollars.

During the reporting period, the fastest growing was the export of various finished products, beverages, tobacco, animal and vegetable oil, machinery and transport equipment, as well as industrial goods to the CIS countries, a decrease was primarily noted in the export of mineral fuels, lubricants and similar materials, other goods and food.

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