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23.05.2019 15:29:44

Uzbekistan’s foreign trade turnover increases

In January-April 2019, Uzbekistan led trade relations with more than 154 countries of the world. In particular, the foreign trade turnover of the country amounted to 12,571.1 million dollars and increased by 2,485.9 million dollars, or 24.6% more than the corresponding period of the last year.

According to the State Statistics Committee, export reached 5,256.4 million dollars (growth rate – 14.3%), and imports – 7,314.7 million dollars (growth rate – 33.3%). The foreign trade deficit amounted to USD 2058.3 million.

The main partners of goods and services exports in foreign trade were China (21.4% of total exports), Russia (14.2%), Kazakhstan (7.4%), Turkey (6.6%), Afghanistan (3,2%), Iran (1.4%) and Tajikistan (1.5%). The structure of the exported goods to these countries includes a group of energy carriers and petroleum products, chemical products, as well as food products.