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23.04.2019 17:00:38

Uzbekistan represents its wine industry in Italy

In one of the ancient castles of Florence city, the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Rome, with the assistance of the Il Santuccio Association, the Italian companies Marchesi de Frescobaldi and Tecnovite Group, presented the wine industry of Uzbekistan to almost 100 leading experts in the wine industry of the Tuscany region.

The event was attended by Tuscany’s Governor Eugenio Giani, who noted that the wealth of the historical and cultural heritage of Florence and Samarkand, which have a special place in the history of two peoples, is in many ways comparable and overlaps with each other. In addition, business circles in Tuscany are showing interest in Uzbekistan market, in the changes taking place in the country.

According to Uzbekistan MFA, Ambassador of Uzbekistan Otabek Akbarov informed Italian experts and entrepreneurs about the history and current development of Uzbekistan’s wine industry, the measures taken by the leadership and the Government of the country to modernize it in order to improve the quality of wines produced.

Within the framework of the presentation, professional tasting of the best brands of modern Uzbekistan wines – Kagor Bagizagan, Chinuri, Bagizagan and Muscat was held. The tasting was led by recognized in Italy and abroad wine industry experts Leonardo Comucci and Simone Fabbri. They spoke in detail about their trip to Uzbekistan in 2014 and recommended all participants to visit the country, especially the historical sites in Tashkent, Samarkand and Bukhara. During the tasting, the experts paid special attention to the exceptional visual, taste and healing qualities of Uzbekistan wines, as well as their aroma, indicating the richness of the Uzbek land with minerals, the presence of a large number of sunny days, and favorable properties of water. The presence of good prospects for Uzbekistan wines, especially dessert brands, in the markets of Italy and Europe as a whole was noted.

The possibility of successful cooperation in creation of intensive vineyards in Uzbekistan using seedlings from Italy and advanced Italian methods of cultivation for the production of qualitative products for local consumption and for export abroad was also emphasized.