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02.08.2018 17:54

Uzbekistan and France worked out issues of expanding trade and economic relations

Uzbekistan and France worked out issues of expanding trade and economic relations
During the official visit of the Uzbek delegation to France for participation in the VII session of the Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation, the current state of trade relations between the two countries was analyzed and prospective directions for the development of bilateral trade were determined.

"At present, the non-raw export of Uzbekistan to France is presented in insignificant amounts. Basically, this is due to the complexity for domestic products in entering such a demanding market as Europe. We are negotiating with the European Union and, in particular, with France in order to facilitate the entry of Uzbek products into the European markets by bringing our standards in line with EU requirements. In this way, we will be able to realize all the existing export potential of fruit and vegetable and textile products," the Minister for Foreign Trade Jamshid Khodjaev comments.

According to the Ministry for Foreign Trade, in order to study the issues of expanding bilateral cooperation, negotiations were held with the leadership of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the French Department of Phytosanitary and the French Institute for Agricultural, Forestry, and Veterinary Sciences.

In addition, Jamshid Khodjaev visited the world's largest wholesale market of fresh products "Rungis". Following negotiations with the President of the market, L.Layani, the parties agreed to conduct training seminars and cooperate on accreditation with the aim of promoting Uzbek fruit and vegetable products to the French market.

The Rungis management supported the proposal of the Minister for Foreign Trade to organize a visit to Uzbekistan by the market leadership in order to get acquainted with the export potential of the country and study the possibility of introducing the best practices of France in the sale of agricultural products.

Following the results of the negotiations held in France at the Ministry of Agriculture of the FR, phytosanitary restrictions were removed against the Uzbek melon and pomegranate, and quarantine requirements for the import of quince, persimmon, plum, currant and other agricultural products from Uzbekistan were submitted for consideration.

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