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06.01.2018 21:03

Useful raw materials from sheep wool

Lanolin substance production from sheep wool – a valuable raw material for the pharmaceutical industry will be established in “Boysun-pharm” free economic zone.

– This substance is produced in a few countries of the world, – says the head of “Boysun-pharm” free economic zone, M.Ochilov. – There is enough raw material in Baysun district for producing qualitative, cheap lanolin substance. It is known that the hypodermic glands of sheep release not only fats, but also lanolin substance. With the help of a special technology, lanolin is separated from washed wool and re-processed for removing odor. Our businessmen, who studied this process abroad, expressed their desire for using modern technology in Baysun district. Since the first days of the new year, implementation of the corresponding business project has begun. This will be a non-waste technology. Felt for the national economy will be produced after the separation of lanolin from wool.

Lanolin, which rapidly absorbs into the human skin, is considered an important raw material for pharmaceutical and perfume industry. It is widely used in pharmaceutics as a binder in manufacturing medicinal candles and ointments.

Kholmumin Mamatrayimov, UzA
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