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08.06.2017 20:49

Towards new ideas and promising economic projects

Towards new ideas and promising economic projects The Farghonaquvurtaminot LLC in the town of Farghona produces and supplies boilers to branches of the national economy. At this company, special attention is being paid to further improving the quality of products and increasing productivity.

Mansur Tillayev is the manager of the company where competitive goods are produced, and their quality is guaranteed.

He says that last year the company supplied more than 658 million soms worth of modern energy-saving boilers to schools, pre-school day care establishments and vocational colleges in the region. And the company installed more than 43 million soms worth of heating furnaces at other establishments.

This enterprise’s staff are doing research and are thinking of new ideas and the introduction of new production tools.

Photo by Muqimjon Qodirov, UzA
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