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25.08.2017 00:06

There are 148,6 thousand hectares of vineyards in Uzbekistan

“Uzvinosanoat-holding” joint stock company signed an agreement with farmers on purchasing 122 thousand tons of industrial grapes this year. An average advance was paid at the amount of 500 sums for every kilogram of grapes.

At a press conference of “Uzvinosanoat-holding” JSC, held at the National Press Center and dedicated to the tasks for the future, it was noted that the industrial grape sort gives more yield than a table grape. For example, an industrial grape grown with implementation of all agrotechnical rules, yields 250-300 centners of production per hectare, kishmish – 180 centners.

Currently there are 148,6 thousand hectares of vineyards in our country. More than 40 agro firms specializing in viticulture are organized in each region in order to increase the efficiency of providing processing enterprises with qualitative grapes.

The enterprises of the system are not limited only to the creation of vineyards. They also contribute to the cultivation of various food products. For example, sowing vegetables on 250 hectares of vineyard rows has been carried out and it is expected that their harvest will be grown at a volume of 8884 tons.

At the press conference, specialists answered questions from journalists, as well as those that have been received through social networks.

Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA
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