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22.08.2017 20:59

The energy industry is developing

“Uzbekenergo” held a press conference at the National press center on “Activities carried out in the years of independence, certain measures, the achieved results and problems in the sphere of uninterrupted provision of the population with electricity”.

Deputy chairman of the board of “Uzbekenergo” JSC J.Obidjonov and others noted that energy is one of the important branches of the economy of Uzbekistan. Large-scale reforms implemented in the years of independence in our country can be seen in changes in this sector.

Almost 97 percent of the energy received in our country is generated by power plants under the “Uzbekenergo” joint-stock company. According to the reports, enterprises operating in the sphere of electricity supplied 57 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity to consumers last year.

To date, the volume of electricity produced per year exceeds 60 billion kilowatt-hours, productivity has been increased by almost 10 billion kilowatt-hours compared to the 90s of the last century.

The higher the standard of living of the population is, the more the scale of using various household electrical appliances increases, the greater the need for electricity is. Taking this into account, consistent work is carried out on ensuring uninterrupted supply of consumers.

Prospective projects are being implemented with the involvement of funds of international financial institutions based on the programs adopted by the “Uzbekenergo” joint-stock company on increasing the capacity, generating electricity, reconstructing the main and distribution lines of power transmission.

At the press conference, experts answered questions from journalists.

Shakhnoza Mamaturopova, UzA
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