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07.09.2018 20:12:55

Tashkent to host a workshop on empowerment and development of skills for start-up entrepreneurs

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan in partnership with FORMAPER Agency of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Milan (Italy) and the Association of Trade and Industrial Enterprises of Kazakhstan, with the technical assistance of the European Union, is implementing the project “Enhancing competitiveness of food and agricultural enterprises through improvement of value chains, sustainable development and eco-innovations (AGROCOMP)”, in 2017-2019.

The project is implemented in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, Namangan, Tashkent regions, and in the city of Tashkent.

The project goal is to create and strengthen a professional network of specialists to effectively support agribusiness enterprises on production and processing of food products to enter a qualitatively new competitive level.

As reported by the Press Service of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, on September 24-28, 2018, a five-day workshop will be held in Tashkent on “Empowerment and development of skills for start-up entrepreneurs targeted on vulnerable groups such as women – integrated approaches to women’s entrepreneurship in Uzbekistan” with participation of the international coach from Italy Ida Castiglioni and Ludovica Bottarelli.

Experts of organizations on development and support of business, consulting organizations, business consultants in the agricultural and food industry are invited to attend the workshop.

Within the framework of the project, a number of workshops, European internships, and trainings for the above target groups are planned to be held within 3 years.