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14.06.2018 09:38

Tashkent Hokimiyat and City Public Council announces “Top 500” Forum

Tashkent hosted a press conference, where the City Hokimiyat together with Public Council announced about conduction of Top 500 Forum on June 18 in the Botanical Garden. It will be attended by leading businessmen, investors, ambassadors, trade advisers to embassies accredited in Uzbekistan.

Forum “Top 500” is meant to be the first part of a clear message that Tashkent City is entering a new era of development, and establishment of trustworthy and transparent relations between entrepreneurs, investors and city authorities. The conference will include the Mayor’s presentations as well as the chairman’s of the Public Council and other representatives’ of business. A community of entrepreneurs of the TOP-500 will be created at the meeting. It will change the city and provide leadership of Tashkent among the cities of Central Asia. The main goal of the event is to make it clear to investors and the business community about the interest of the city authorities in constructive, trusting and mutually beneficial relations. There is a serious intention to discuss existing problems frankly and regularly and jointly find the best solutions. The authorities of the city have a will to create a platform for an equal dialogue between the tax authorities, the prosecutor's office, the city and district hokimiyat, Sanitary inspection office and other regulatory bodies and the business community on an ongoing basis.

Another goal of the event is to create foundations of the future community of the top 500 entrepreneurs of the city, who express an active investment position. During the conference, Mayor will present a preliminary SWOT analysis of the city, most important points of future activities will be determined relying on it. One of the most important parts of Mayor's speech will be the definition of investment potential, especially in those areas where the Hokimiyat can work closely with private capital – education, healthcare, public services, development of technoparks, construction of commercial, residential real estate, production of goods and services, HoReCa, retail and other areas that are important for the development of Tashkent as a metropolis and a comfortable city for citizens, tourists and other guests of the capital. Another important issue will be the plans to optimize the work of the Hokimiyat: elimination of bureaucracy, establishment of effective communication, development of key performance indicators (result based management), introduction of corporate management, a focus on interests and the satisfaction of citizens from the work of the municipal body.

According to the City Hokimiyat, the Chairman of the Public Council under the Tashkent Hokimiyat Hikmat Abdurahmanov will present the concept of their organization, goals and functions, tasks and structure in the conference. The Public Council is a fundamentally new phenomenon for Uzbekistan.

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