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19.10.2017 18:41

Sericulturists of Uzbekistan received international recognition

Uzbekistan became a member of the International Sericultural Commission.

– This commission is a structure registered in the United Nations, – said chairman of the board of “Uzbekipaksanoat” (Uzbekistan sericulture industry) association Bakhrom Sharipov. – One of its main objectives is development of sericulture industry in existing and new areas through coordinated actions and convergence of programs extended by different countries, international organizations and other agencies. Cooperation with this structure, first of all, ensures awareness of innovations in the sphere, contributes to the expansion of silk processing and its export, in our country.

Increasing the volume of raw materials requires activation of its processing. This year, the association implemented a number of special projects on production of yarn and silk fabrics at enterprises built in Syrdarya, Khorezm, Jizzakh, Bukhara regions.

Investment in the amount of 6 million dollars will be allocated to the activities of “Andijon silk” joint venture, built in Andijan region in cooperation with the Chinese “Tongxing Juncheng” company. Mulberry plantations, workshops for fattening caterpillars based on modern advanced technologies, processing cocoons, rewinding silk, producing raw silk, as well as spinning and sewing shops will be established at this enterprise, which will start its operation at the beginning of the next year. Here it is also planned to arrange production of blankets, pillows, clothes made of silk. About a thousand workplaces will be created with the launch of the company at full capacity. In the first year, it is planned to export products for 3,5 million dollars, by 2021 – 12 million dollars.

New silkworm harvesting projects are being introduced into practice. One of them is “Huashen Silkworm Pro” Uzbekistan – China joint enterprise in Angor district of Surkhandarya region. The annual capacity of this enterprise, created this year in cooperation with businessmen of China, is 100 thousand boxes of silkworm fodder. 200 workplaces are organized, in the future, more than 3 700 workplaces will be created due to the increase in the volume of production.

In the future, activities in this direction will be gradually expanded. This will provide the country’s light industry with raw materials, create new workplaces and increase the export volumes.

Sayyora Shoyeva, UzA
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