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15.09.2017 10:04

Seminar of female scientists and entrepreneurs

Samarqand Regional council of Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party (UzLiDeP) together with the regional association “Olima [female scientist]” and the regional department of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Uzbekistan conducted a practical seminar entitled “Topical issues of interrelations among the spheres of education, science and business in the development of innovation technologies”.

The event was arranged as part of the “Women for innovative development” project of the regional council of the party. The seminar was attended by deputies, active members of the women’s wing of the party, female scientists of higher educational institutions, entrepreneurs and farmers.

It was noted that in this country special attention is paid to the development of modern innovation technologies and that large-scale work is being conducted to use these in all spheres and branches. The UzLiDeP’s programme sets out important tasks in this area. Support is provided for women doing scientific research on the basis of the “Women for innovative development” project, using modern innovation technologies in entrepreneurship and farming.

“The event was held for the purpose of developing innovation technologies in the area of strengthening cooperation among the spheres of education, science and business and providing support for female scientists, entrepreneurs and farmers. During the seminar, achieved results and research work being conducted, were discussed,” says Jamila Sayfuddinova, deputy chairperson of the regional council of the party.

As part of the event, a presentation of new innovative projects of female scientists was held.

Gholib Hasanov, UzA
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