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04.08.2017 18:11

Ranks of young farmers growing

An open dialogue has been held at the “Faradis hirmoni” farm in Yuqori Chirchiq District of Tashkent Region on studying problems of young entrepreneurs and farmers and their proposals and wishes.

The event was arranged by the central council of the Uzbekistan youth union in partnership with the Uzbekistan farmers council.

The open dialogue was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and the Region’s hokimiyat (governorate), employees of commercial banks and young entrepreneurs and farmers working in the region.

During the dialogue, special attention was directed to studying problems of young entrepreneurs and farmers, resolving these locally, providing support for farms and widely attracting unorganized youths to economic industrial zones established in the region and production enterprises.

As part of the event, an exhibition of foodstuffs produced by young farmers and entrepreneurs was arranged.

“75 hectares of land is available to our farm. Apart from cotton and grain production, we also engage in stock raising, poultry farming and fruit production. This year we produced more grain than specified in our agreement. Now we are building a 300-tonne special refrigerator with our own funds for the storage of fruits and vegetables,” says the chief of the “Pokiza M” farm in Oqqorqhon District, P.Karimova.

As part of the event, conversations were held with workers of market infrastructure entities, state and economic management departments and commercial banks about issues of setting up and running farms. With the participation of local government representatives, agreements were reached to work out precise proposals on studying problems of young farmers and solving these locally.

The Uzbekistan youth union and the Uzbekistan farmers council signed a memorandum on partnership in widely propagating farming among young people and in providing support for young farmers. This document is on such issues as providing help and comprehensive support for multi-functional farms, dealing with problems and shortcomings in the entrepreneurship sphere together and studying advanced foreign agricultural experience.

A.Musayev, UzA
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