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16.02.2017 09:38

Quality medical-purpose products made out of local raw materials

Quality medical-purpose products made out of local raw materials As a result of reforms being conducted in the country’s medical sphere, work on the protection of the population’s health, prophylactics, diagnosis and treatment is qualitatively improving with every passing year.

The Presidential resolution dated 31 October 2016 “On measures to further improve the provision of the population with medicines and medical-purpose products” is an important programme document in this area.

In Fergana Region, too, special attention is being paid to developing the pharmaceutical industry and increasing the production of modern and competitive products. In the year 2016, 5 projects were implemented in this area, and the production of medicines and medical-purpose products from local raw materials was initiated. This year, more than 10 pharmaceutical enterprises are to be established in the region.

In Beshariq District, the Beshariq Momiq Fayzi LLC started working not so long ago. There is already big demand on domestic and external markets for medical cotton wool produced here. A credit from the district branch of the national bank and entrepreneurs’ investments were used to install modern technologies at the enterprise.

“The conditions created in this country for the development of the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere helped to set up the production of medical-purpose goods from local raw materials. Now we have started to export our product,” says the manager of the enterprise, Muhammadrizo Ergashev.

Masudjon Sulaymonov, photo by Mukimjon Qodirov, UzA
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