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02.05.2018 19:37

Prospects of viticulture

A briefing on measures for allocating land for viticulture, taking into account soil and climate conditions, introduction of modern technologies for cultivating and reconstructing vineyards, cultivating vegetable crops between the rows of vineyards and increasing the export potential was held at the National Press Center of JSC “Uzsharobsanoat”.

Scientists of the Scientific Research Institute of Horticulture, Viticulture and Wine-making named after Academician Mahmud Mirzayev and the Research Institute of Plant Cultivation began research on creation and expansion of the gene pool collection of grapes “in vitro”.

The processing enterprises, which are part of the joint-stock company, have vineyards of technical varieties with a total area of 4 thousand 273 hectares. In 2018-2021, it is planned to organize vineyards additionally on the area of 9 thousand 750 hectares in Bakhmal, Yangiabad, Zaamin districts of Jizzakh region. The products will be exported.

Vegetables, melons, potatoes and beans can be grown between the vineyards. 1 thousand 410 hectares to be allocated for this purpose this year.

Barno Melikulova, UzA
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