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Project parameters involving ADB approved

Project parameters involving ADB approved
The Government approved the implementation of the project “Financing the preparation of urban development projects in the Republic of Uzbekistan” with participation of the Asian Development Bank.

A $15 million loan agreement for a period of 25 years with a five-year grace period was signed on November 13, 2019. The total cost of the project is $16.76 million. Of these, the ADB loan is $15 million, the contribution of the Republic of Uzbekistan (due to tax benefits) is $1.76 million. The project implementation period is 4 years – 2020-2023.

The project provides for the preparation of the following investment projects: “Reconstruction and construction of drinking water supply and sewage systems in cities and districts of Tashkent region (phase 3)”, “Development program for provision of drinking water supply and sewage” and “Program for integrated development of cities”.

The terms and sources of repayment of the main debt and interest payments on the ADB loan were determined.

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