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13.09.2017 21:33

Production volumes double

Production volumes double The Choshgoh LLC working in the town of Namangan produces warm robes and towels. Recently, this company expanded its work.

The enterprise, which started its work 12 years ago, employs 107 people. Its production capacity is more than 10,000 metres of products a year. Last year, the enterprise produced more than 29 bn soms worth of products. Production organization while taking into account demand and supply on the market and special attention to product quality serve as important factors in the steady growth of the enterprise’s economy.

“Broad opportunities and conditions being created in our country for the development of the small business and private entrepreneurship sphere and the expansion of production assets are giving high results. Effectively using these conditions, we acquired a free area of land and installations at zero cost and expanded the enterprise’s work. In order to implement this project, the Choshgoh LLC invested more than 4.7 bn soms of its own funds. In a short space of time, more than 1.5 bn soms worth of construction work was carried out, and weaving machinery was brought in from abroad. This made it possible for us to double our industrial output and to create more than 100 new jobs,” says the chief of the Choshgoh LLC, O.Bobohonov.

Akramjon Sattorov, photo by Hotam Mamadaliyev, UzA
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