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Peanut open to export to China

Peanut open to export to China
International exhibition of imported products 2019, held November 5-10 in China, was effective and productive for Uzbekistan delegation.

As a result of negotiations, a mutually beneficial agreement was signed between the quarantine services of Uzbekistan and China on peanuts export.

This has been reported by the State Plant Quarantine Inspection under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In November, an agreement was signed on the export of fresh pomegranates from Uzbekistan to China. In order to create even greater amenities and benefits within the framework of this trade agreement, another agreement was signed on delivery of products by road through the territory of a third country.

Now, on this basis, entrepreneurs are free to transport peanuts to China through the border checkpoints Alanshankou (by rail), Khorgos of Kazakhstan, Irkeshtam and Turgart of Kyrgyzstan (by road).

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A.Musayev, UzA