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24.08.2017 20:01

170 new workplaces will be created

170 new workplaces will be created The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan during his trip to Fergana region in June, 2017 got acquainted with new projects that are planned to be realized here. The project of establishing a processing plant on the basis of a former canning factory in Uchkuprik district is one of them.

– We are planning to modernize the existing facilities of the company, install freezers for storing fruits and packaging equipment at the expense of our funds and a loan of “Ipotekabank” in the amount of 7,4 billion sums, – says the head of “Valley Mountains Fresh” LLC Rakhmonnazar Okhchayev, – In the first quarter of 2018, it is planned to implement the first phase, in the fourth quarter – the second phase of the project. Implementation of the project worth 10,5 billion sums will give an opportunity to deliver 1 thousand tons of tomato paste, as many purees and concentrates, canned fruit and vegetables to consumers per year. The export of products is also being envisaged. The main thing is that 170 new workplaces will be created.

Photo by Mukimjon Kodirov, UzA
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