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10.04.2018 11:48

New projects in Fergana

This year, 18 large projects are planned to be implemented with direct investments amounting to more than 211 million dollars, in Fergana region.

To date, there are more than 200 joint ventures in the region. Business forums are held, exhibitions are organized for a broader attraction of foreign investors.

A number of agreements were reached at the business forum with participation of entrepreneurs from the Republic of Korea and Fergana region. At the initiative of “Evergreen Motors” and “Posco Daewoo” companies, production of trucks of “Hyundai” company is planned in “Kokand” FEZ. 130 million dollars of investments will be attracted for this purpose.

According to the memorandum signed between Honam vocational college and regional khokimiyat, the organization of a training center in the city of Fergana is planned, which will train highly qualified specialists. Moreover, “Somang Global” company plans to invest 2 million dollars in construction of a modern hotel for 200 guests within the framework of “Fergana city” project.

Joint ventures such as “Doojin” for production of gas distribution equipment, “Hyosung Innotech” for production of high-quality and modern oils, “Listem Fergana” in the city of Fergana for production of X-ray machines are registered in “Kokand” free economic zone, construction of buildings of these enterprises have already started.

Masudjon Suleymanov, UzA
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