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20.08.2018 23:20

New partners, promising projects

Delegation of Bukhara region led by the khokim U.Barnoyev visited Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands with an official visit.

The main objectives of the trips are to ensure the implementation of the resolution of the President of Uzbekistan on measures of creating a free economic zone Bukhoro-agro of July 10 of this year and attracting direct investment for accelerated development of industry, agriculture and tourism in the region.

Meetings with representatives of leading companies of Europe, negotiations on establishing an equal partnership were held. The main attention in discussion was paid to issues of development of FEZ Bukhoro-agro.

– 500 hectares out of three thousand hectares of land, allocated for the free economic zone on the agrarian direction, are located on our territory, – said a khokim of Bukhara district Mukhiddin Esonov. – Currently, one of the Chinese companies offered their project. The agreement signed with the well-known Turkish company Varnet Cam Sera is also promising. The Turkish side will attract investment worth $100 million and will build several modern greenhouses with a total area of 140 hectares.

Plastic materials are required for construction of greenhouses. Taking this into account, a memorandum was signed between the Turkish company Imece Plastik and the khokimiyat of Romitan district on construction of film production facilities in the region. In addition, a project for development of intensive gardening will be implemented in the district with participation of foreign partners.

During the trips attention was also paid to issues of grown products storage. In particular, the Belgian company BelOrta and the region’s officials agreed to cooperate on organization of a logistics center, the project of which provides for production, collection, storage and packaging of fruits and vegetables with involvement of qualified specialists.

Geerlots Refrigeration company of the Netherlands and the leadership of Romitan district, as well as the FEZ Bukhoro-agro signed a protocol of intentions on construction of refrigerated storage facilities for fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. The FEZ and Gakon Yorticultural Projekts company of the Netherlands signed an agreement on construction of freezers for storage of fruit and vegetable products.

LLC Mahsus avto khujalik in Bukhara city and Urban Ponics company reached an agreement to implement as a pilot project worth $500 thousand on creating an innovative greenhouse for vertical cultivation of salad.

During the trips to Turkey, Belgium and the Netherlands, agreements, protocols, memorandums of understanding on projects worth $164.6 million were signed.

Erkin Yodgorov, UzA
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