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New cooperation of Qishloq Qurilish Bank

New cooperation of Qishloq Qurilish Bank
JSCB Qishloq Qurilish Bank continues to establish cooperation with foreign partners in order to expand opportunities for providing services to customers, including business entities, the activities of which are related to export-import operations.

The bank signed a financing agreement with the International Bank for Economic Co-operation, which is headquartered in Moscow.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, credit line funds will be used to finance the supply of industrial goods, equipment, transport and other goods, works and services produced in IBEC member countries, including Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Vietnam, Mongolia, Poland, Romania and Czech Republic. Such support for enterprises and organizations engaged in foreign economic activity is very important especially now, when many business entities have suffered from coronavirus worldwide. In addition, this will save jobs, which is very important for the population and for the economy.

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