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13.03.2017 19:16

Nearly 300 young specialists provided with jobs

In this country, special attention is being paid to creating conditions for young people to acquire modern education as well as to providing them with decent jobs in future.

The Jizzakh polytechnics institute’s “Career Day -2017” has been held to serve these noble purposes.

The event was attended by representatives of organizations, enterprises, establishments and entrepreneurial entities, professors and teachers of the institute and students graduating from this institute. It was said during this event that constant attention being paid to training qualified young specialists and providing them with jobs was giving great results.

This year, more than a thousand young people graduate from the Jizzakh polytechnics institute in 20 fields of study. There is high demand in enterprises in this country for such specialists as engineers, technicians and construction engineers graduating from this institute.

In this event, the region’s 61 big enterprises participated with more than 500 vacancies. The directorate of the “Jizzakh” free economic zone alone offered more than 300 jobs.

“At this Career Day event, I signed an employment agreement with the Europlastservis LLC in the town of Jizzakh. It was my dream to work at this enterprise,” says a graduate of the institute, Ghayrat Ravshanov.

At the event, nearly 300 young specialists signed employment agreements with entities working in such spheres as industry, construction, social services and entrepreneurship.

Toshqul Beknazarov, UzA
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