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02.04.2018 22:00

Namangan Test and Certification Center received ISO/IES certificate

The testing laboratory in light industry of Namangan Test and Certification Center received the ISO/IES 17025-2015 certificate of the Turkish Accreditation Agency (TURKAK).

This laboratory is built in accordance with international requirements. On the basis of international normative documents, factors such as the negative impact of the environment on the testing process, the requirements of sanitation and hygiene, fire and labor safety, ventilation, measures for protecting from noise, light and electromagnetic factors are taken into account.

Based on ISO standards, the laboratory is equipped with such modern testing and measuring equipment as HD-B 617, HD-P308 Kabina-1000, Water-Wash, AG-220, Geratech DT 172.

In the laboratory, the physical and chemical stability of color of fabrics made from cotton, as well as their resistance to sweat and washing, surface density, number of threads is tested in several indicators. The certificate issued by the center is also recognized abroad, which will help to increase the export potential of business entities.

Akramjon Sattorov, UzA
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