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06.04.2018 10:11

Minister of Foreign Trade told about the export potential of fruit and vegetable products of Uzbekistan

Minister of Foreign Trade told about the export potential of fruit and vegetable products of Uzbekistan

The Minister of Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Jamshid Khodjayev, told about the work on increasing the export potential of fruits and vegetables of Uzbekistan during his speech on March 28, 2018 at the opening of the international scientific practical conference “Increasing export potential of Uzbekistan. Quality infrastructure and assessment according to the international standards”.

Jamshid Khodjayev noted that there are all necessary prerequisites for significant increase in volumes of export of fruit and vegetable products in Uzbekistan: the free trade regime operating between several countries, the developed and integrated transport infrastructure, taste qualities of fruits. Within the framework of realization of priority tasks, measures on increasing in volumes and extension of the nomenclature of export deliveries of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, development of new markets of their sale are being taken.


There are more than 160 thousand farms in the country. The total area of greenhouses is 9 thousand hectares, at the same time the annual output of crops exceeds 600 thousand tons. The area of intensive gardens, according to data, has reached 45 thousand hectares, the minister emphasized.

Focusing on issues of storage of agricultural products, the minister told about the enterprises created and modernized in recent years for industrial processing of agricultural products, construction of new refrigerating chambers. 

The minister has also mentioned implementation of new projects on production of packaging products, having noted that packing of fruit and vegetable products provides growth of competitiveness of production in foreign markets, allowing to maintain taste qualities and an esthetic type of production at its transportation to long-distance markets.

Speaking about the geography of exports, the Minister of Foreign Trade noted that in 2017 it was expanded by 17 new countries. In general, domestic exporters supplied fruit mand vegetable products to the markets of 57 countries.

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