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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Meeting of foreign and domestic experts

Development of the country's economy is directly related to the progress of science and production. Marketing takes a special place in close acquaintance of consumers with products of companies and enterprises. At the same time, the marketing strategy that meets all the requirements promotes the development of cooperation and competition between companies and enterprises.

So how is the marketing sphere developing in our country? What is the role of advertising and PR management in the national marketing strategy?

The conference is dedicated to these issues, which has started within the ADWEEK at the International Hotel Tashkent.

Chairman of the Board of Milliy Marketing Markazi Association of Enterprises (National Marketing Center) D.Mirzaakhmedov, general director of the Russian company "Ketchum Maslov" M.Maslov, and others talked about the marketing sphere, in particular, about the advantages of mutually beneficial cooperation and exchange of experience in the wide use of advertising opportunities.

The conference on marketing, organized in the form of a panel discussion, questions and answers, is continuing.