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LULU opens its office in Uzbekistan

LULU opens its office in Uzbekistan
Representative office of LULU Company of the United Arab Emirates has been opened in Tashkent at Uzbekistan Exporters Association.

The company with an annual turnover of six billion USD has a network of enterprises not only in the UAE, but also in Malaysia and India. Now they will purchase agricultural products, as well as textiles in Uzbekistan every month for 35-40 million USD.

“We are planning to increase these indicators several times, which will contribute to increasing the export attractiveness of Uzbekistan”, says the Chairman of Uzbekistan Exporters Association Mukhtar Umarov.

Uzbekistan Exporters Association was founded on September 23, 2019. Its main goals are to support exporters, protect their rights and interests, create a unified electronic trading platform for export-oriented products manufactured in Uzbekistan, as well as increase the country’s export potential, study and put into practice the experience of advanced exporting states.

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Nasiba Ziyodullayeva, UzA