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Kokand FEZ: Based on foreign experience

Kokand FEZ: Based on foreign experience
Kokand Free Economic Zone implements 95 promising projects worth 210 million USD in mechanical engineering, textile, electrical, pharmaceutical, food, leather and shoe industries.

The total area of Kokand Free Economic Zone is 709 hectares. On the first territory, there are business entities, and the second consists of vacant space. On the third territory, there are four enterprises, such as mechanical and superphosphate plants.

According to Farrukh Rakhmonov, Director of Kokand Free Economic Zone Directorate, 14 projects are being implemented in cooperation with entrepreneurs from China, India, the United Arab Emirates, England, Turkey and Singapore. Last year, 32 projects were launched, and 13.8 million dollars of direct foreign investments were attracted. The involved enterprises produced products worth 795.3 billion soums, exported products worth 8.9 million USD. In addition, practical work is being carried out to introduce the experience of the Turkey’s Gebze Organized Industrial Zone.

The address list of investment projects for development of industries, services and processing agricultural products in Margilan and Kokand of Fergana region in 2020-2022 has been approved. Large projects are also planned to be involved in the economic zone.

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M. Suleymanov, UzA