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03.05.2018 20:59

Knitting factory in the village

Knitting factory in the village Factory for production of knitwear has been launched in the village of Hakan in Andijan region.

Qualitative knitted products of the sewing enterprise "Milano tekstil" LLC, which has been effectively operating for a number of years, in addition to being supplied to the domestic market, is also exported to Kazakhstan and Russia.

At the expense of the credit of the regional branch of “Alokabank" at the amount of 2 billion soums, as well as 9 billion soums of own funds, the enterprise for a short period of time has reconstructed the building, equipped it with modern sewing equipment.

The new enterprise produces 30 kinds of knitted garments for children, men and women. It is envisaged that most of the products will be exported. 200 rural women have been provided with permanent work in the new factory.

Fakhriddin Ubaydullayev, photos by Zukhriddin Umurzakov, UzA
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