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10.06.2019 12:55

Italian businesspeople visit Syrdarya region

On June 9, 2019, Italian businesspeople arrived in Syrdarya region of Uzbekistan within the framework of the International Investment Forum “Invest in Namangan”.

The delegation included leaders of such companies as Classimo (furniture), Vivai Zanzi (intensive orchards), CrisafulliVivai (intensive citrus orchards), Artes Politecnica (cover for farmland), Innovando (investment consulting), Advise & Consulting (consulting in creating intensive gardens and logistic centers). The delegation also included the leadership of the National Union of Entrepreneurs and Farmers of Italy.

Syrdarya Khokimiyat will present the economic and investment potential of the region, as well as organize visits to a number of leading enterprises in Sardoba, Mirzaabad and Syrdarya districts of the region. The guest will also become acquainted with tourism potential of the region.

Issues of implementing joint projects in production of furniture, agro textiles, as well as increasing the volume and diversification of agricultural products for the domestic market and for export with involvement of Italian innovations will be discussed during the upcoming meetings with potential local partners.

Representatives of the National Union of Entrepreneurs and Farmers of Italy intend to begin practical implementation of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the delegation of the Khokimiyat of Syrdarya region on May 30 this year, in Rome.

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