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02.11.2018 19:57

Investors’ interest grows

Investors’ interest grows
Chinese entrepreneurs are planning to build a plant in Navoi free economic zone on manufacturing lifts for lifting cargo and passengers in high-rise residential buildings.

Foreign investors got acquainted with activities of free economic zone and announced that they are investing 2 million USD in this project. The main thing is that at the new plant, 5 foreign and 30 local specialists will be provided with work.

Chinese company SDV Consulting Engineers is also planning to organize consulting services for entrepreneurs in the free economic zone.

Representatives of the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who became familiar with the investment potential of the region, also visited Navoi region.

The guests discussed cooperation issues between the two countries in the field of science and technology. In particular, a proposal was forwarded on establishing scientific-practical cooperation between Navoi State Mining Institute and Imam Khomeini International University. Opinions were expressed on joint conduction of research and practical exercises in the mining sector.

Khokim of Navoi region K.Tursunov received foreign guests.

Nuriddin Rakhimov, UzA
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