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01.01.1970 06:00:00

Innovative production is the imperative of time

Establishment of energy-saving, waste-free, environment-friendly production based on innovation technologies is an important factor in production of products that are competitive in the world market.

One of such entities is the Uzbek-British joint venture “Green line profile” operating in “Navoi” free economic zone. Implementation of the project on production of aluminum profiles worth $37.4 million began two years ago. During the past period production facilities have been built, necessary equipment was brought from Italy, Germany, Russia and Switzerland.

A large enterprise, which has started production in January this year, has already exported its products to Canada and Germany. With the release of production at full capacity, where 200 specialists are working at the moment, 800 more jobs will be created until 2021. The enterprise, which supplies finished products for construction, aircraft building, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, is capable of processing 35 thousand tons of aluminum per year.

The whole process is managed with the help of modern technologies, which ensures high labor productivity. Aluminum raw materials, imported from Russia, are melted and molded into shape. At the next stage, semi-finished products are produced from them. After passing the process of painting at the next shop, the forms get the look of finished product and are sent to packaging. Another achievement of the company is complete waste-free processing of raw materials.

Specialists from India and Great Britain are also attracted to the process of production. Local technologists are effectively managing modern equipment, which indicates the full mastery of foreign experience by youth.

Products of the joint venture, produced under the “Benkam” brand, are in great demand, as the team pays much attention to the quality of products. With full capacity output, it is expected that the company will become one of the leading entities in Central Asia on production of aluminum profiles and will play an important role in development of the economy not only of the region, but of the whole country.