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08.04.2018 17:46

Inflation in the consumer sector of Uzbekistan

Food products for March became more expensive by an average of 1,3%, which ensured a total CPI gain of 0,6 percentage points. This was reported by the State Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan on Statistics.

Seasonal growth in fruit prices ensured about 0,5 percentage points of the total CPI growth. The opposite situation arose with the prices for vegetables and potatoes, where the price level for the month fell by 1,4% and 2,4%, respectively.

It should be noted that the saturation of the market with fruit and vegetable products of the new crop in the regional context is uneven, which is largely due to the geographical and climatic features of different parts of the country, as well as the situation with the export and import of certain types of fruits and vegetables.

In the first month of spring, the growth rates of prices for meat products have significantly stabilized.

Non-food products rose 1,1% for the month, which led to an increase in the CPI by another 0,4 percentage points.

Passenger road transport services became more expensive due to an increase in the cost of travel in the city bus by an average of 3,2% in the republic. A slight decrease in tariffs for air and rail transport services in March of this year is associated with a decrease in the cost of air travel on the observed lines and types of messages by an average of 0,3%, and travel on long-distance trains by an average of 1,1%. This did not have a significant impact on the change in the CPI in March of this year.

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