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11.04.2017 22:36

Industrial trade fair helps to strengthen cooperation

Industrial trade fair helps to strengthen cooperation In Khorazm Region, a territorial industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange has taken place with the participation of big industrial enterprises, small businesses and private entrepreneurship entities in the region.

This event was held in accordance with a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on measures to conduct an international industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange in the year 2017. About 600 big and small industrial enterprises in the region and entrepreneurship entities from other regions of the country displayed their products at the trade fair.

In Uzbekistan, special attention is being paid to the production of manufactured goods and components from local raw materials and strengthening cooperation between big industrial enterprises and small business entities. In 2013-2016, the production of hydraulic excavators, bulldozers, gas cylinders for household use, refrigerators for cars, solar panels, LED lamps, sports equipment and leather products was initiated. Yearly traditional industrial trade fairs and cooperative exchanges help to further expand the scale of work in this area.

“We are displaying our product for the first time at such an event. Our enterprise produces decorative panels for buildings’ exteriors. We buy raw materials mainly from local enterprises,” says the manager of the Khorazm Decor Art LLC in the town of Urgench, Kamola Girish.

During the event, more than 35 billion soms worth of product purchase agreements were concluded between establishments, trading and services enterprises, farms and entrepreneurs.

Representatives of commercial banks and the regional territorial directorate of the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Uzbekistan gave the trade fair’s participants methodological and practical help.

The hokim (governor) of Khorazm Region, P.Bobojonov, made a speech at the event.

Ahmadjon Shokirov, photo by Shonazar Qoriyev, UzA
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