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05.04.2017 19:40

In the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, territorial industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange conducted

In the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, territorial industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange conducted At a territorial industrial trade fair and cooperative exchange held in Nukus, more than 370 enterprises and private entrepreneurship entities displayed their products.

At this industrial trade fair arranged by the Council of Ministers and the economy, external economic relations, investment and trade ministries of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston in cooperation with the Qoraqalpoghiston directorate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, foodstuffs and non-food items, consumer goods, components, raw materials, building materials, furniture, carpets, knitwear and electrical products were displayed.

There are 1 thousand 294 industrial enterprises, including 25 big enterprises, and 1 thousand 269 small businesses and private entrepreneurship entities working in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston. At three enterprises there, the production of import-substitution goods has been initiated.

Various doors and fences of metal made at the Kardar multi-functional production enterprise in Nukus, solar energy equipment displayed by a limited liability company there, amusement equipment produced by the Gedeon Karauzyak LLC, garments made by the Honqa-chevar LLC in Honqa District of Khorazm Region, office, educational and home furniture made by the Oltin Tola Zamini private enterprise in Ghijduvon District of Bukhara Region and high-quality products of the Samaqand Gilamlari (carpets) joint venture in the city of Samarqand evoked a great deal of interest among participants.

“At our enterprise, 189 types of medical furniture items are produced. We brought 45 types of them for this industrial trade fair. Last year 2 billion soms worth of products were sold on the internal market. And in the past period of this year, 187 thousand dollars worth of products were exported,” says Y.Ernazarov, the manager of the Elinza private production enterprise in Yangibozor District.

At the trade fair, organizations, trading and services firms, farms and entrepreneurs signed many agreements on the purchase of products.

Aminboy Oqtiqboyev, photo by Maksad Habibullayev, UzA
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