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07.08.2017 19:52

In Qoraqalpoghiston, open dialogue held with young entrepreneurs and farmers

In Chimboy District of the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston, the Uzbekistan youth union has conducted an open dialogue with young entrepreneurs and farmers.

This dialogue was held in accordance with a Presidential decree dated 5 July 2017 “On increasing the effectiveness of the state youth policy and supporting the activity of the Uzbekistan youth union” and resolution dated 18 July 2017 “On a range of measures to improve the work of the Uzbekistan youth union”.

The event was attended by young entrepreneurs and farmers working in Kegeyli, Qoraozak, Takhtakopir and Chimboy Districts.

In this country, special attention is being paid to providing comprehensive support for young people and encouraging their initiative, and it is of important significance to the younger generation acquiring modern knowledge and displaying their talent.

Within the event, with the participation of leaders of relevant ministries and departments there was discussion about issues relating to the expansion of entrepreneurship and the turning of farms into multi-functional farms.

“In order to start my business, I wanted to obtain some land and set up a pharmacy. This issue had not been resolved for some time. However my application was solved at today’s event,” says Gulbahor Jolomonova of Chimboy District.

During the dialogue, specific tasks were mapped out to deeply study proposals of young entrepreneurs and farmers who had come from various areas and to solve their problems.

Such an event was also held in Ellikqala District, and it was attended by young entrepreneurs and farmers from Beruniy, Tortkol and Amudaryo Districts.

Aminboy Ortiqboyev, UzA
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