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27.04.2017 09:43

Homestead - a source of income

In this country, special attention being paid to the development of family entrepreneurship and especially to the provision of support for the effective use of homestead land is producing great results.

In Navoiy Region, too, there are many people making good use of this kind of attention and making a worthy contribution to the wellbeing of their families and to ensuring an abundant supply of agricultural produce to marketplaces. 70 year-old Ahmad bobo Hamdamov is one of them. He lives in the Zarafshon neighbourhood in Hatirchi District. He has built a greenhouse in 400 square metres of land. He is growing a thousand tomato plants there. He will soon bring to the market the agricultural produce from his greenhouse.

“The level of yield is good. In future, we want to further expand the greenhouse area and to grow lemons and cucumbers,” says Ahmad bobo Hamdamov.

In this district, homestead culture is rising with every passing year, and families’ incomes are increasing. The population of the Ikrom Karvon neighbourhood know how to use homestead land effectively.

“Attention to homestead culture leads to prosperity. Propagation work for the effective use of bare areas of land and the construction of greenhouses is producing its results. One in every two households in our neighbourhood owns a greenhouse. There all kinds of vegetables grow all year round,” says Ilhom Mustafoyev, the chairman of the “Koksaroy” neighbourhood citizens gathering.

Mamarajab Hoshimov living in the “Boghchakalon” neighbourhood is also an enterprising person. In his greenhouse built in an area of 350 square metres, there are more than 800 tomato plants growing. These plants have now started producing tomatoes. The owners are also growing vegetables such as garlic, onion and potatoe. Mamarajab is going to bring the agricultural produce to the market.

Dilmurod Malikov living in the same neighbourhood has a greenhouse in an area of 250 square metres. He is growing bell peppers in this greenhouse. And the reason being that Dilmurod knows very well that this vegetable can withstand cold temperatures and that there is demand for it on the market.

This enterprising agricultural worker does not limit himself to greenhouse cultivation. He also keeps rabbits, chickens and turkeys. He not only satisfies his family’s needs for eggs, chicken and turkey but also makes a good income by selling the remaining amounts on the market. And there are also such fruit trees as apple, peach, apricot and cherry growing in an area of 250 square metres there.

“After graduating from college, I obtained a preferential credit and built a greenhouse. In this greenhouse in an area of 200 square metres, we are growing cucumbers. In bare areas of land around the greenhouse, we are growing such vegetables as carrot, tomato and potato and peas,” says Maqsud Isommiddinov living in the Ikrom Karvon neighbourhood.

Agricultural workers of Hatirchi District are also gaining some good experience of producing lemons. Uzoq Bozorov living in the Koksaroy neighbourhood created a lemon plantation in an area of 200 square metres. He is getting a good harvest from more than 30 lemon plants there.

All these are results of the special attention being directed towards the development of family entrepreneurship in this country.

Nuriddin Rahimov, UzA
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