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25.08.2017 17:00

Good pre-holiday trade fairs

Good pre-holiday trade fairs There is a Kokand cart placed symbolically at the entrance to the Mirobod marketplace in the capital city. If you look at it and at melons and watermelons around it you feel as if you are in a fairy tale.

Good quality agricultural products are on sale in the marketplace. On its one side, there are sweet fruits of the summer season, and on the other side are potatoes, melons and vegetables.

This pre-holiday trade fair arranged in order to ensure uninterrupted supplies of good quality agricultural products for people and to keep prices in the market stable is to everyone’s liking. Potatoes are being sold at three thousand soms per kilo, and onions are two thousands soms a kilo. There are many types of meat on sale here.


According to information from Ilhomjon Toshboyev, deputy chairman of the Farghona Region's association of marketplaces, farmers of this region supply products to the Mirobod market directly. For every kilogramme of meat sold at an affordable price here, they are provided with 30 kg of fodder at a lower price.

Products are checked at a veterinary scientific laboratory and only then are they put on sale. Public controllers work here to ensure public order in the marketplace and to keep it clean. Elders of the district take it in turns to monitor prices in the market everyday.

Today pre-holiday trade fairs continue to offer large varieties of foodstuffs and agricultural products in all bigger towns and district centres in the Republic of Qoraqalpoghiston and the regions.

Sayora Shoyeva, photo by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA
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