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Fergana exports cherries

Fergana exports cherries
18 projects in processing agricultural products were implemented in Fergana region last year, dehkans achieved a significant export volume of fruits and vegetables.

Real Trans Logistics unitary enterprise in Kirguli district of Fergana, specializing in processing, drying and packaging of fruits and vegetables and other agricultural products, has a production capacity of 300 thousand tons of selected products per year.

Modern production equipment brought from the United States, Turkey, Belgium, dries the grown products in five directions, cuts in the right size and packs. It employs 160 young men and women.

“The main part of our products is exported. Laser equipment from Italy is installed in the workshop for the selection and packaging of cherries. This equipment selects five tons of products every hour in accordance with international requirements and standards, and places them in special boxes. A refrigerator with a capacity of 3 thousand tons has been launched at the workshop. This year we are planning to export products to Dubai”, says Zokhidjon Ikromov, Head of the unitary enterprise.

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M. Sulaymonov, UzA