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05.07.2017 18:27

Female entrepreneurs’ ranks growing

A seminar has taken place in Shahrihon District of Andijon Region on the subject of “Bank credits for young people and women and girls”.

The seminar was conducted by the Andijon regional council of the Milliy Tiklanish democratic party, the regional women’s committee and the regional branch of Mikrokreditbank of Uzbekistan for the purpose of providing jobs for graduates of educational establishments, giving financial support to women’s and girls’ entrepreneurship and ensuring that bank credits and services are used more broadly even in distant areas.

The seminar was attended by deputies of the regional and district councils of people’s deputies, specialists of banks, entrepreneurs, craftswomen, graduates of educational establishments and journalists.

It has been said that under the leadership of the President, special attention is being paid to supporting the entrepreneurial activity of women, girls and young people, encouraging their initiatives and creating a more favourable business climate for them.

“In our party’s programme, the attraction of women, girls and young people to entrepreneurship and the provision of help for them to get their own businesses started are specified as main tasks,” says Kamola Abduvaliyeva, leader of the women’s wing of the regional council of the Milliy Tiklanish democratic party.

In Shahrihon District, there are more than 300 women and girls working in the sphere of entrepreneurship fruitfully.

In the first half of this year, banks allocated 4 billion 36 million soms worth of credits for the development of women’s and girls’ entrepreneurship. A number of projects were implemented. 159 new jobs were created.

More than 3 thousand 760 young people graduated from vocational colleges in the district this year, and 170 of them expressed a desire to engage in entrepreneurship.

“We established a sewing workshop at our home and provided jobs for 30 women and girls. Today we supply our products to neighbouring regions as well,” says Nozimahon Hojiakbarova, an entrepreneur living in the Beshariq neighbourhood.

During the seminar, specialists gave detailed information about drawing up business projects, starting entrepreneurial activities and about documents that are necessary for obtaining credits.

Fahriddin Ubaydullayev, UzA
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