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23.08.2017 20:52

Entrepreneurs of Navoiy introduce 180 projects into the production sector

Entrepreneurs of Navoiy introduce 180 projects into the production sector Confectionery products being made at the Triumpf paradoks LLC in the town of Navoiy are of high quality and good appearance, and people like them.

A Presidential decree dated 19 June 2017 “On measures to completely improve the system of further developing entrepreneurial activity and providing state protection for legitimate business interests” is an important programme document in further raising the effectiveness of the work of entrepreneurial entities.

In accordance with a programme for the socio-economic development of the town of Navoiy, 263 economic projects are to be implemented this year. So far local entrepreneurs have introduced 180 projects into the production sector.

“In line with our enterprise’s programme for socio-economic development, we have initiated the production of nearly 10 confectionery products. We have used our own investment to bring in and install modern technologies. As a result, 12 youths have been provided with jobs. There is more demand for relatively low-cost foodstuffs being produced here,” says the chief of the enterprise, S.Sharipov.

In order to further expand production operations at the enterprise, a credit has been obtained from a commercial bank, and white sugar, sunflower seed halvah and some other sweets are to be produced. As a result of this, 8 new jobs will be created, and the enterprise’s income will increase.

Nuriddin Rahimov, photo by Siroj Aslonov, UzA
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