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10.07.2017 17:41

Enterprise’s work expanding

As a result of special attention being given to small business and private entrepreneurship development, the scale of the production of competitive and high quality products is expanding.

At the Guliston Bunyodkori LLC in the town of Guliston of Sirdaryo Region, a 300-tonne capacity modern refrigerator has been built for the purpose of creating reserves of agricultural products.

This enterprise is making effective use of conditions and opportunities being created in this country, and is consistently expanding its work operations. Recently, production operations began in its bread and bakery products, confectionery and pasta workshops. These good quality products are available from trade outlets belonging to this enterprise.

Today there are 160 employees working at the enterprise, and 130 of them have permanent jobs, and 30 have seasonal jobs. Most of them are young people who graduated from vocational colleges.

“We have concluded agreements with 93 farms on the supply of various agricultural products. These farms are engaged in repeat sowing in fields freed up from grain,” says the manager of the enterprise, Murodjon Dovurov.

Five lorries are being used to deliver agricultural products from fields to the storage facilities of the enterprise. This year, officials of the enterprise signed agreements with 200 enterprises and establishments on the supply of 1 thousand tonnes of agricultural products. Last year, the enterprise’s net profit was 200 million soms. This year, it is envisaged that this figure will double.

Abdujalol Qayumov, UzA
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